The Connected Practice

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Look into a loved one’s eyes and you will easily realize that vision is fundamental to our feeling of connectedness. In the first weeks of life, infants spontaneously develop a visual bond with their parents’ faces. Above all else, we long to see each other.

For us, this sense of connection has become a guiding principal in all we do. Our retinal practice is dedicated to preserving, enhancing, or restoring vision to you or your loved one whenever medically possible.

Connectedness defines how we care for our patients and how we interact with the local medical and world scientific communities. It’s a principle that forms an axis from global medicine to personal care.

Our hope is that you will at least clearly see all your potential paths to a brighter future

Our drive is to connect patients with the information and options that empower them in decisions that affect their medical well-being. We understand the anxiety that is generated by thinking or talking about vision loss. And we understand that the best treatment for that anxiety is personalized care and information. Our hope is that you will at least clearly see all your potential paths to a brighter future. We try to empower patients with the best treatment plans that are personal to their needs in a setting that is intimate and intrinsically dedicated to forming personal connections. We are grateful for the opportunity to care for our patients.

We also strive for a specialized practice that maintains a constant and effortless connection with your primary care and referring physicians. Your referring doctor leads a team which should have instant access to any information while you or your loved one is in our clinic’s care. Together this connected team will treat our patient’s vision challenges as one component of their overall physical and psychological health.

Connection to outside clinicians should involve not just those directly around us but should reach worldwide. We will continually reach out to physicians and scientists everywhere using the tools of social media and telemedicine, in addition to more conventional medical meetings and conferences. The connections and conversations created this way only enhance our perspective of how to best treat patients. And finally, we are dedicated to helping you see a larger world of possibilities. We strive to be the bridge of access to the best health care and treatments globally. Through the focus on a subspecialized type of medicine, we bring leading international science and best practices to our patients.

We want to connect these global platforms to formulate a type of care that can be generated only for you as our patient. We will actively pursue this connection with advancements in medicine through clinical and basic science so that we may all see further.

We have created a practice to be like no other. We believe modern medicine should be defined not only by genomics, artificial intelligence, and advanced medical treatments, but also through the connection of these technologies as they apply to our patients.