What We Do

Research at Deep Blue Retina

When conducting in-house clinical research, the Deep Blue Retina team analyze findings and work to develop novel therapeutics for improved patient care. In a healthcare landscape dominated by medical practices owned by either large corporate financial groups or large hospital systems, DBR brought its attention back to the two human components of the medical experience: the patient and the doctor.

The Deep Blue Retina facility and laboratory is located just outside Memphis in Southaven, MS.

The Future of Medicine

One of the stated missions of Deep Blue Retina is to be deeply involved in the future of medicine. The best way to achieve it is through collaboration with the medical technology and the biotechnology industries, where novel therapeutics are being developed. We are then able to offer our patients therapies that may help with their blinding conditions years before they are commercially available.

By participating in clinical research, patients can benefit from a new treatment that could help make vision clearer or provide better care for eye diseases.

Highest Medical Standards

Our team works with industry in clinical research protocols from early development, through phase 1, 2 and 3 of clinical trials. This not only puts our practice in the midst of forward-thinking therapeutic development.  This guarantees that our whole team, from our doctors to our technicians, are validated and certified by outside third parties to the highest levels of clinical excellence. The diagnostic and therapeutic technologies used are also validated and certified to be at the top of medical standards.

Our Current Clinical Studies