Clinical services

The Connected Practice

“Connectedness” defines how we care for our patients and how we interact with the local medical and world scientific communities.

What is a Retina?

The purpose and function of the retina.

Retina Detachment Repair

Standard and complex retinal detachment surgery.

Macular Surgery

Repair of macular holes, epimacular membranes (“macular pucker”) and vitreous traction.

Diabetic Retinopathy Surgery

Surgery for diabetic eye hemorrhages, retinal detachments and macular edema.

Dislocated Lens Implants

Surgery for displaced implants that need to be repositioned or replaced.

Surgery for Uveitis

For complications of severe eye inflammation in which medical treatment is insufficient.

Eye Injury Repair

Primary and secondary surgery for severe injuries to the globe.

General Vitreous and Retina Surgery

Miscellaneous situations that require vitrectomy surgery.

Laser Photocoagulation for Retinal Diseases

For macular diseases and ischemic diseases of the retina (e.g., diabetes, vein occlusions).

Intravitreal Injections

Introduction of medications into the eye for treatment of many eye conditions.

Pediatric Retinal Surgery

The delicate handling of pediatric retinal surgery to improve damage from birth defects, injury, etc.

Our Referral Process

Our personalized approach in improving not only vision, but independence.