“I believe in the importance of high quality medical care with an emphasis on careful diagnosis and meticulous surgery.

I look at the retina as an extension of the brain and understand its implications in basic neuroscience. Surgery should never be good enough, it should always strive for the best possible outcomes.”

“I believe in the importance of high quality medical care with an emphasis on careful diagnosis and meticulous surgery.

Our Story

Deep Blue Retina retinal surgery clinic brings leading retinal medicine to the Midsouth. Committed to the highest level of eye care for adult and pediatric patients, Deep Blue Retina provides medical and surgical solutions for most complex retinal cases. Our services include interventions for everything from retinal detachment repair to complex cataract. We provide longterm care for patients with a wide variety of chronic conditions including macular degeneration, diabetes-related vision loss, and glaucoma.

Deep Blue Retina was created in 2019 by Dr. Jorge Calzada.  Following years of experience in both private ophthalmology practice and academic practice, the time was right to start a fresh concept that integrates clinical care with forward thinking medical advancements.  In a healthcare landscape dominated by medical practices owned by either large corporate financial groups or large hospital systems, DBR brought its attention back to the two human components of the medical experience: the patient and the doctor.  Modern medicine can, and should, focus on the doctor-patient relationship while simultaneously incorporating modern diagnostic technology and cutting-edge medical research.  That is the goal of Deep Blue Retina.

The Story of Dr. David Meyer and Deep Blue Retina

The late Dr. David Meyer was a pioneer in the field of retina surgery and founding figure of many healthcare ventures. With a large personality, immense intellect and unstoppable work ethic, Dr. Meyer connected deeply with patients from all walks of life, from the famous celebrities to the man in the street corner. Following decades of devoted work, Dr. Meyer’s health deteriorated, and he searched for someone to continue with his life’s work. Dr. Calzada and Dr. Meyer connected at this fortuitous juncture, just as Dr. Calzada was starting the concept of Deep Blue Retina, and Dr. Meyer was looking for someone to take over the Meyer Eye Group. Two men from very different backgrounds, yet with numerous overlapping experiences and goals. Dr. Calzada accepted the responsibility of carrying on with the legacy of Dr. Meyer, through the newly created Deep Blue Retina. Dr. Meyer passed away peacefully in 2019, with thousands of patients and colleagues mourning the loss of a great man. But his spirit carries through every day at our practice.

Research at DBR

One of the stated missions of Deep Blue Retina is to be deeply involved in the future of medicine. The best way to achieve it is through collaboration with the medical technology and the biotechnology industries, where novel therapeutics are being developed. Our team works with industry in clinical research protocols from early development, through phase 1, 2 and 3 of clinical trials. This not only puts our practice in the midst of forward-thinking therapeutic development. This guarantees that our whole team, from our doctors to our technicians, are validated and certified by outside third parties to the highest levels of clinical excellence. The diagnostic and therapeutic technologies used are also validated and certified to be at the top of medical standards. And, most importantly, we are then able to offer our patients therapies that may help with their blinding conditions years before they are commercially available.